Our Instructors

Myriam Dostert

Instructor/ Organizer

At the age of nine, Myriam learned knitting from her grandmother in Luxembourg. She loves to teach people of all ages the wonders of knitting or ways to improve their skills, working her “knitting fairy” magic for her husband and friends. You can find Myriam on Ravelry as Myknits. Myriam’s pronouns are she/her.

Karla Lockwood

Instructor/ Organizer

Karla is a middle school science teacher who has been knitting relentlessly since 2009. She has been teaching classes at her local yarn shops for 10 years and loves the math, patterns, and the creative expression of knitting. She co-hosts an audio podcast and is one of the organizers of Yarn Okanagan. Karla’s pronouns are she/her.

Kathy Chapman


Kathy lives and knits in the West Kootenay. She has been a knitter off and on, mostly on, for 50+ years and has picked up a thing or two. Passing on any tricks and tips is always a pleasure. Kathy can be found on Ravelry as tuesdayknitter. Kathy’s prounouns are she/her.

Molly Plummer

Instructor & Vendor

Molly is a bubbly chocolate chip from SW London in England, she is now based in Revelstoke, BC where you can find her at local farmers markets in the Spring!!! Molly has been knitting since she was 5yo with the help of her wonderful Nan and Mum. She loves to knit and create colourful creations be it knitting or dyeing!!  Molly had an amazing opportunity to work for Sweet Georgia Yarns for 4 months when she first got to Canada back in 2018. Had she known that this would start her very own yarn adventure she would have jumped at the chance a lot sooner. By day Molly works for Edward Jones in Revelstoke and by night/weekends she’s either knitting, dyeing or sewing something as crafts bring her joy. Not to mention tea and shortbread ;). Molly’s pronouns are she/her.

Kristy Hennings

Organizer/ Chief Troubleshooter

Kristy is a librarian, mama, community builder and avid knitter. She began knitting in earnest in her early 20’s under the tutelage of her Grama, who was an expert knitter. Kristy was thrilled to take on organizing the retreat from the amazing women before her. You can find her on Ravelry as okbibliomama. Kristy lives on the unceded territory of the Sqílxʷ peoples in beautiful Vernon, BC and her pronouns are she/her.

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