Past Retreats

In 1999, three knitting friends – Janet Armstrong, Gloria Hanson and Wendy Henderson – planned and presented a retreat for knitters at Camp Hurlburt in Vernon, BC. Knitters with a variety of skill levels and backgrounds, from those designing their own patterns to knitters who had only recently mastered the knit and purl stitches, attended. This event definitely met a need and proved so successful that the Okanagan Knitting Retreat has been held every year on the weekend following Victoria Day.
Since 2005 the retreats have been held at the current location – the Sorrento Centre on Shuswap Lake in BC. From 2008 until 2017, Janet coordinated the retreats herself, and presented workshops each year alongside several other instructors. Janet retired from the retreats in 2017, and they were coordinated by Myriam Dostert and Phyllis Beardsley consecutively. Now the torch has been returned to Myriam Dostert, who is joined by Kristy Hennings. Both are longtime knitters and fibre junkies who love the OKR and want to keep it alive well into the future.
The topics changed from year to year and have been wide-ranging, from techniques such as Fair Isle knitting and garment construction to free-form knitting, lace, and socks as well as colour and design. The purpose has remained the same — to support knitters in building skills and knowledge so that they can become confident and independent.
In 2018 we celebrated the 20th annual retreat, and you can see highlights from some previous years on the pages below.

Retreat 2019

Since 1999, the Okanagan Knitting Retreat has attracted knitters of all levels, from those who have only recently mastered the art of knitting and purling to those who are designing their own patterns. The purpose of this retreat is to encourage, share and develop an independence and deeper appreciation for the knitting process. The 2019… Continue reading Retreat 2019

The 20th Annual Retreat (2018)

The 20th annual retreat featured four weekend workshops as well as two pre-retreat sessions on the Friday. Pre-retreat: Playing with Dyes and Yarns – Susan Chamberlain of Riverstone Yarns What the Patterns Don’t Tell You – Anne Hearnden Weekend workshops: Double Trouble: The Magic of Double-Knitting – Janet Armstrong The Shape of Things to Come… Continue reading The 20th Annual Retreat (2018)

The 14th Annual Retreat

The themes for this retreat was Foundations, and four classes were offered. In Colour Foundations, Janet talked about choosing colours for colour-work with confidence. Paulette offered Fibre Foundations and shared the properties both good and bad of various fibres. In Lace Foundations, Myriam got new lace knitters started with the basics. Celeste offered Fair Isle… Continue reading The 14th Annual Retreat

The 13th Annual Retreat

The 2011 retreat was called Knock Your Socks Off! Celeste offered Toe-Up Socks using Circular Needles, in which participants explored knitting socks from the toe up. In Myriam’s workshop, Socks for Knitters with Cold Feet, knitters new to socks knit a sample like this one: You can find further notes and photos on Janet Armstrong’s… Continue reading The 13th Annual Retreat

The 12th Annual Retreat

Notes and photos from Janet Armstrong’s website: The 2010 knitting retreat at Sorrento Centre was a big success. For the first time  three concurrent workshops were scheduled  – each of the 56 participants chose one workshop for the whole weekend – and the choices were Contemplative Knitting, Knit Until it Fits and An Introduction to… Continue reading The 12th Annual Retreat